It is with great pride that I welcome you to our Sanchar family. Sanchar has accomplished many achievements never before encountered in the industry. Our leading pace has always been accredited to our culture, with a deep understanding that in order to improve the lives of our clients we must reflect our internal working culture and our promise for a wonderful world. Although we are focused on our core services, today we must recognize that Sanchar has not identified itself as being limited as a communication products company, but rather a top rated brand for providing digital service.

We strive to expand access to all types of communication systems by offering the industry’s most comprehensive product portfolio. Very soon we will be launching Tetra technology enabled radio solutions for more secure, reliable and efficient communication, a first by an Indian manufacturing company.

Diversity strengthens us by promoting unique viewpoints and challenging each of us, every day, to think beyond our traditional frames of reference. We are committed to building a talented and diverse workforce, and to creating an environment in which every employee has the opportunity to excel based on his or her performance. These are the core principles upon which we have operated for many years.

Sanchar is an ever-renewing company, capitalizing on new and expanded opportunities individually and corporately, adjusting rapidly to changes and challenges in the marketplace, and delivering enduring results for our clients. Enjoy our website and feel free to contact your local Sanchar dealer for any additional information.

Mr Sunil Kumar Bedi

Sales Manager

Mr Sunil Kumar Bedi has over 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. He joined Sanchar as a sales associate at the company’s inception. Operating with a vision of growth and expansion, he has streamlined processes among operations, servicing and planning teams. He is looked up to as an idol who follows core beliefs of ethical conduct and transparent relationships with client. By developing skills like specializing in generating driving leads for the business and possessing the ability to assess customer engagement trends, today he has grown into the role of a sales manager who handles all queries by the Indian Railways for our brand Sanchar.

Mr Somai Prasad

Service Manager

Mr Somai Prasad joined Sanchar in 2012 and leads all production and design. He has had experience working for Airtel, Motorola and all telephone exchanges in Delhi. He has successfully scaled our world class R&D team setting the stage for long term growth. With extreme focus on product analysis and an in depth knowledge of the field, he has the quality to study a situation, and implement a solution. Mr Prasad also heads the Sanchar service center (link to service center page), where he oversees a team of service engineers who maintain quality for all the products in the market. He works with both internal and external clients and maintains relationships through professionalism at all times, keeping the interests of the organization a priority.

Mr Ombir Singh

Factory Manager

With 25 years of prior experience in the electronics industry, Mr Ombir Singh administers the Sanchar production plant by designing production processes for the factory assembly line to run smoothly. He coordinates with the sales and store teams to efficiently gauge cost effective production schedules by drafting job timescales and monitoring product quality standards. He ensures that health and safety guidelines are followed and that the company’s goals and policies are implemented. His daily responsibilities include planning, organizing and running operations to exceed our customers’ expectations and being responsible for production output, product quality and on-time shipping and sharing a trusting relationship with workgroup while recruiting, managing and developing plant staff.