Analog Repeater

Analog Repeater Frequency Band: 136-174 MHz Power Output: 25W

Technical Specifications


A radio repeater simultaneously receives a radio signal and re-transmits it at a higher power so it can cover greater distances. This enables communication between radio users where obstructions or distance are a problem.

Repeater stations usually have their antennas mounted high up on top of a tall building or hill which ideally is central to your area that you are looking to cover, so their range is much greater. The boosted signal from a repeater can also improve the clarity of the transmission.


Repeaters receive radio waves on one frequency, called the “input” frequency, and then re-transmit the information on its “output” frequency. Therefore if you use two way radios with a radio repeater service, they will be programmed to transmit on the repeater’s input frequency and receive on its output frequency. Our experts can help you with that.

Radio repeater systems are widely used by commercial businesses that operate over large or built-up areas, emergency services, public transport and amateur radio enthusiasts. They are also used on large sites such as a warehouse or hotel as this type of building can be difficult to cover due to its structure.

Sanchar SCR-910HV is bi directional. Two-way radio repeaters can communicate with all RF (radio frequency) receptors operating on the same RF channel. Since they use two different RF channels to carry the transmitted and received information frequencies, they can be truly bi-directional without any dependencies or interference with each other. This operational mode is known as ‘Duplex’ operation – which means a discrete channel is dedicated for each direction.

Cost-effective Coverage:Increasing your coverage doesn’t have to mean increasing your cost of ownership. The SCR-910HV features a low power, space-saving design that reduces energy and potential installation costs.

Deploy in More Places:Easily mount the SCR-910HV on walls or poles, and take advantage of additional locations to improve coverage. Plus, its compact design means fewer HVAC planning headaches and with more deployment options.

Unite your team:Team Communications allows employees to communicate instantly, without boundaries, and with added intelligence across the entire organization. Pair Sanchar products with push-to-talk and other data solutions to enable machines, applications and people to connect seamlessly, helping bridge the gaps so work gets done faster. 

Space efficient:Dual 50W repeaters with IP interface and power supplies with duplexer in a single 4RU rack footprint.

Feature rich software:A simple, easy-to-use browser-based interface provides access to remote functions such as configuration, diagnostics and alarming. Features also include on-board logging, automated failure mitigation and testing/calibration.

Proven rugged design:Based on Sanchar’s proven existing SCM-910 technology, the SCR-910HV repeater has the durability to survive in the harshest environmental conditions.

Additional Features:

Channel Annunciation:

Power on Self-Test:

Switchable Power (High/ Low):


Low Battery Alert:

Busy channel lockout:

time out timer:

channel scan:

PC Programmable:

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