DC Power Supply 35V 4A Dual channel, with fix 2A, selection of 2.5V, 3.3V, with RS 232

Technical Specifications

Maximum Power (Watts): 140W

DC Current Output Rating (Ampere): 0-4

DC Voltage Output Rating (Volt):  0-30

Load Regulation (Voltage): less than 0.01 

Load Regulation (Current): less than 0.05

Line Regulation (Voltage): less than 0.01

Line Regulation (Current): less than 0.05

Over Voltage Protection Accuracy: +-0.5V 

Over Voltage Protection Response Time: <10

 Ripple and Noise Current: <4 milli amps

Readback Voltage Accuracy: 0.05+10mV

Readback Current Accuracy: 0.15+5 mA

Read back Voltage Resolution (mV):1

Readback Current Resolution (mA):0.1 

PC Interface: USB/GPIB/RS232/LXI