A Case Study on C-DAC


Problem Statement: The need for advanced surveillance and monitoring solutions to bolster public safety prompted the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC), a scientific organization under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Govt. of India, to seek a reliable partner. The challenge was to provide Haryana State Police with efficient tools for real-time monitoring and recording of activities, both within and outside emergency response vehicles.

Solution: Sanchar Communication System seized the opportunity to address this challenge by offering a comprehensive solution. The combination of the SBWC-01 Body Worn Camera and the SDC-01 Dash Camera was designed to cater to the unique requirements of the “Dial-12” project initiated by the Haryana State Police.

Implementation: The implementation of this solution encompassed multiple strategic aspects:

  1. Comprehensive Solution: The partnership involved supplying both Body Worn Cameras and Dash Cameras to C-DAC. This comprehensive solution ensured comprehensive monitoring both inside and outside emergency response vehicles.
  1. Integration with Project: The products were purchased by C-DAC as part of the “Dial-12” project, which aimed to provide effective emergency response services. The cameras were integrated into 628 INOVA model SUVs deployed for this project.
  1. Dual Functionality: While Dash Cameras captured activities within the vehicle during travel, Body Worn Cameras equipped the drivers with the means to document and analyze potential criminal activities occurring outside the vehicle.

AC, are making Emergency Response Vehicle (ERV) by using Toyota Innova Model Car. Where they planned to install Body Worn Camera SBWC-01, as Rear Camera and Dash Camera SDC-01 as Front Camera.

Results: The integration of SBWC-01 Body Worn Cameras and SDC-01 Dash Cameras produced tangible operational enhancements:

-Real-Time Monitoring: Dash Cameras enabled real-time monitoring of activities within emergency response vehicles. This was invaluable for oversight and coordination.

-Comprehensive Evidence: The combination of Dash and Body Worn Cameras offered a comprehensive evidentiary record, aiding investigations and decision-making.

-Enhanced Accountability: The presence of recording devices elevated accountability among drivers and emergency personnel. It promoted responsible behaviour and adherence to protocols.

-Efficient Response: The real-time monitoring provided by Dash Cameras enabled effective emergency response coordination, contributing to faster assistance.

-Zero Complaints: The absence of complaints post-implementation underscored the durability and reliability of Sanchar’s products. It reinforced the organization’s reputation for delivering high-quality solutions.

Conclusion:  The collaboration between Sanchar Communication System and C-DAC showcased the significant role that technology plays in modern public safety initiatives. The deployment of SBWC-01 Body Worn Cameras and SDC-01 Dash Cameras within the “Dial-12” project reflected a holistic approach to monitoring and accountability. By offering real-time oversight, comprehensive evidence, and enhanced accountability, the solution contributed to safer roads, improved emergency response, and more secure communities. This case study demonstrates how the partnership between technology providers and governmental organizations can lead to transformative enhancements in law enforcement and public safety efforts. Sanchar’s commitment to delivering reliable, high-quality solutions stands as a testament to their effectiveness in real-world applications.

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