The SANCHAR headset, designed for premium quality, is equipped with a lapel microphone featuring a soft and secure ear hook earloop. This innovative ear hook design ensures that the earphone stays firmly in place, even during strenuous activities, while providing exceptional comfort for extended wear.

This headset and lapel microphone combo is built to last with polycarbonate housing and Kevlar-reinforced cables, designed to withstand tough work conditions.

The headset further delivers superior audio quality, with high-quality speaker and microphone elements that guarantee clear and crisp sound transmission on both ends. In addition, the type 2 design situates the earhook speaker wire discreetly behind the ear, maintaining a low-profile appearance.

A sturdy metal clip secures the MIC / PTT (Push-To-Talk) element to the user’s lapel or collar, providing a dependable attachment point. The placement of the PTT button is conveniently positioned for easy accessibility, allowing users to operate it effortlessly during communication. This SANCHAR headset with a lapel microphone is designed to meet the demands of various work environments, offering reliable and efficient communication solutions.