The Sanchar series of adjustable regulated DC power supplies are versatile devices engineered to cater to a range of applications, including two-way radio communication, laboratory work, and production lines. These power supplies offer continuous flexibility in adjusting both output voltage and current, allowing you to fine-tune settings within a wide range from 0 to nominal values.

Notably, these power supplies excel in terms of stability and minimizing ripple factors, ensuring a consistent and clean power output. They are equipped with robust protection circuitry, allowing them to operate at full load for extended periods without compromising performance or safety.

One of the standout features of these power supplies is their dual functionality, serving as both a regulated power supply and a regulated current supply. This dual capability enhances their versatility and usability across various settings and applications, making them a reliable choice for powering and regulating electronic equipment.

BM-100,  13.8V-10A


SCS-306PS,  30V-5A

SCS-3030S,  30V-30A

SCS-3205SK,  35V-4A
Dual Channel

BM-305A,  0-30V-0-5A

BM-105, 13.8V-15A

BM-315,  13.2V-30A