A battery is a power-supplying device for a portable radio. As the radio type is portable, obviously it should not be connected to a fixed AC or DC power source and essentially it must be also a portable power source. Normally dry cells are used as a popular power source for portable radio communication devices. Depending on the circuit design of a portable radio, the voltage of the Battery may be different, like 12volt, 7.5volt, etc., and depending on the current consumption of that communication device, the current-driven capacity of a battery, also may be set to a different value (C), like 1500mAh, 2000mAh, 2200mAh, 2500mAh, 3000mAh and so on. The value 2000mAh means the current capacity stored in the battery is equivalent to the consumption of current at a continuous rate of 2000 milli Ampere current per second, for a time duration of one Hour. The dry cells used inside such battery is manufactured based on some different chemistry, and those are Ni-cd (Nickel-Cadmium) or Ni-MH (Nickel-Metal Hydride) Li-ion (Lithium-Ion) or Li-poly (Lithium-Polymer). Normally, the Manufacturer of the Radio device, also manufactures batteries by themselves, by cascading dry cells, within a mold that matches with the respective radio device. All the batteries are being manufactured for made to a rechargeable capacity so that after draining out stored current within the battery, it can be revived to continue the operation of the radio device connected.


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Comparison Table
Device ModelSTC-700 / STC-700i / TK-3207 / TK-2207 / TK-2317RL-328 / RL-308GP-328/GP-338/MTX-960TK-270G / TK-2107 / TK-278PT-558/VertelVX-160THR-9IC-F3TC-700 / TC-780STP-8000TP-8100 / TP-9400ISAT PHONE PROXG-25
Battery ModelSPH-2301SBP-24STK-328EHSPK-26HSTK-558SPV-160EBSTEA-THR9SCS-100SPH-2201SPS-120LSBP236EJLSPS-170LSPS-166L
Maximum Capacity upto2300 mAh2000 mAh2300 mAh2300 mAh1800 mAh1800 mAh2000 mAh2300 mAh2300 mAh1800 mAh2300 mAh2600 mAh2500 mAh