Marine vhf radio serve as vital tools for two-way voice communication, between ships, ship-to-shore communication, marine navigation, traffic control, requesting rescue services, and establishing contact with harbors, locks, bridges, and marinas.

These radios have IP-based ratings and a float function for resilience in marine environments. They also have Aquaquake and vibration-draining functions for sea challenges. They have standard class D DSC functionality.

Sanchar offers the following models of Marine Radios:

SCM-750 M – This 25-watt VHF marine band radio is designed for ship-mounted installations.

STC 650 M – A 5-watt VHF Marine band Portable Radio, offering portability for on-the-go marine communication needs.


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Comparison Table
General SpecificationSTC-650MSCM-750M
Frequency RangeTX : 156.000-161.450MHzTX : 156.025-157.425MHz
ModulationFM (16K0G3E)FM (16K0G3E) DSC (16K0G2B)
Frequency Stability1-0ppm+- 10ppm
Range of Working Temp.-20ºC ~ +55ºCNA
Dimensions (LxWxH)146mm X 63mm X 42mm153mm X 152mm X 67mm