Depending on the environment, where the radio would be used, the radio hardware must be designed to suit that respective environment condition and the radio software must apply to maintain the special communication protocol according to the system protocol of that environment. The marine environment is such that, where any vehicle or product, moves or floats on a sea or large river surface.

As per the nature of the sea, salt or salt fog is one of the important factors in those sea or marine environments, where this ingredient can damage an electronic circuit most frequently and be deadly. So, some special measures and precautions should be mandatory during the design and manufacturing of any electronic product, especially in such a salty environment.

Sanchar Communications Systems has developed and manufactured such a special radio product, considering all relevant measures to suit the marine environment and the communication protocol of international maritime industries. The product specification of a marine radio has to satisfy some basic hardware requirements and some basic protocols of Marine Radio, which you may find in the technical specifications and features described for all Sanchar make “Marine Radio Models” as follows:

STC-750M – 25watt, VHF marine band, Ship Mount Radio;

SCM-650M -5watt, VHF Marine band Portable Radio


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Comparison Table
General SpecificationSTC-650MSCM-750M
Frequency RangeTX : 156.000-161.450MHzTX : 156.025-157.425MHz
ModulationFM (16K0G3E)FM (16K0G3E) DSC (16K0G2B)
Frequency Stability1-0ppm+- 10ppm
Range of Working Temp.-20ºC ~ +55ºCNA
Dimensions (LxWxH)146mm X 63mm X 42mm153mm X 152mm X 67mm