Breath Analyzer 3

5W Analog Handheld
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Stunning Features

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Aimed at increasing efficiency and enhancing customer service, the Sanchar STC-700 series help operations run smoother with instant, quality communications. The palm size and lightweight STC-700 portable radio delivers solid two-way performance at a very competitive price.

Channel Annunciation

The feature enables radio to report the current channel number when power on or switching channel, offering you notable convenience.

Power on Self-Test

The radio itself checks radio status automatically when power on, and emits alert if an error occurs (e.g. CPU error or EEPROM error), allows the user to early detect unit faults.

Long battery life

The standard 2200 mAh Li-on battery, allows more than 10 hours operation.


It is one type of circuit that is used to reduce the annoyance of listening to other users on a shared two-way radio communications channel. It is sometimes referred to as tone squelch. It does this by adding a low frequency audio tone to the voice.

Switchable Power (High/ Low)

The user can choose the transmitting power mode according to his specific communication needs. (H: 5W M: 2.5W L: 1W)

Low Battery Alert

Sets a warning for a low battery level, before the situation becomes critical. Values are set to On to set the low warning and Off to ignore it. The radio blinks repeatedly.

Busy Channel Lockout (BCL)

This feature will not allow the user to transmit as long as the radio is receiving another signal.


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