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AquaQuake Draining Function

The STC-650M is equipped with an AquaQuake draining function, a smart feature that safeguards your marine radio. When water infiltrates the speaker grill, this technology emits a vibrating buzz, ejecting the water. This innovative feature ensures uninterrupted communication, preventing water damage and enhancing the radio's durability in challenging maritime conditions.

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Pre-Configured VHF Global Marine Frequencies

Pre-configured VHF global marine frequencies such as those of US, Canada etc in the STC-650M offer convenience, immediate usability, and safety. Users can communicate swiftly in emergencies while adhering to international regulations. Reduced programming errors provide peace of mind, ensuring effective, compliant, and global marine communication, making it an invaluable tool for maritime safety and convenience.

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IP-67 with display and weather alert
Dual / Tri Watch functions
Float functions
Call channel functions
70 programmable channels


Frequency RangeTX : 156.000-161.450MHz & RX : 156.000-163.425MHz
Battery CapacityLi-Ion 2200mAh
Weight288g (Including Battery, Antenna, Back Clip)
Li-ion BatteryDC7.4V, Capacity 1200mAh
Range of Working Temp.-20ºC ~ +55ºC