Communication includes various means of transmitting information from a source to recipients and distributing information among individuals or groups. There are several types of communication media, including print media, electronic broadcast media, telecom media, and more. In particular, we will delve into telecom media, divided into two main types: wired communication, like the conventional telephone, and wireless communication, which our entire product line revolves around, also known as 2-way Radio Communication."

The term "2-way" in 2-way Radio Communication can be somewhat misleading if we think of it in the context of traditional broadcast radio, which primarily serves as a one-way receiver of information. However, our wireless devices are designed for bi-directional communication, capable of transmitting and receiving voice signals from both ends, albeit one at a time. Each of our radios is equipped with a built-in transmitter and receiver, commonly referred to as a "transceiver." This unique feature is what sets 2-way radios apart from conventional broadcast radios.

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