Solutions such as the Advanced Train Warning System (ATWS),Vardhak, SRLS, PACS (4G to Analog Converter System), and G5Ui-DRR Extender are used to address various industry challenges.

The Automatic Train Warning System (ATWS) is specifically tailored for the Indian Railways, significantly enhancing safety through real-time train alerts.

Vardhak, another dedicated solution for Indian Railways, tackles challenges in VHF communication caused by metal structures. It improves train-to-ground communication, particularly in complex environments.

On the aviation front, the Sanchar Runway Lighting System is employed by the Indian Air Force to ensure precise and secure runway operations, even in varying conditions.

PACS, or the 4G to Analog Converter System, is designed for organizations operating across multiple sites. This innovative system seamlessly connects existing analog handheld infrastructure. By incorporating digital technology into the analog framework, PACS enables organizations to streamline processes, enhance collaboration, and optimize resource utilization.

For scenarios where a hard-wired G5Ui-DRR is impractical or too costly to connect via wires, the G5Ui-DRR Extender serves as an ideal solution.

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