Solutions like Advanced Tactical Warning System (ATWS), Vardhak, RFPA (Radio Frequency Power Amplifier), GPS Patrolling System, and DRR (Disaster Risk Reduction) Extender are instrumental in addressing various challenges across industries. ATWS enhances early warning capabilities, providing critical information in high-risk environments to mitigate potential threats. Vardhak boosts network coverage and capacity, ensuring seamless connectivity and improved communication infrastructure. RFPA amplifies radio signals, extending the range and enhancing signal strength for effective communication in remote areas. GPS Patrolling System enables efficient monitoring and management of assets and personnel, enhancing security and productivity. DRR Extender aids in disaster management, facilitating communication and coordination during crises. These solutions offer innovative technologies that empower organizations to overcome operational hurdles, enhance safety, and achieve optimal performance.

Automatic Train Warning System

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Radio Frequency Public Address

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Gps Patrolling system     

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Drr extender g5ui

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drr extender g10ui

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runway lighting system

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