What Is SBAA ?

A breath alcohol analyzer is a device used to measure the alcohol content in a person's breath. It is a portable, handheld dvice that provides an accurate and easy-to-use method of determining whether an individual has consumed alcohol and is potentially impaired. The breath alcohol analyzer uses a fuel cell sensor technology to detect alcohol in the breath. The device is simple to operate and requires the user to blow into a mouthpiece for a few seconds. The device then provides an immediate reading of the individual's blood alcohol content (BAC) on a digital display.


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Comparison Table
PowerRechargeable Battery and 12V DC PowerPowerRechargeable Battery and 12V DC PowerPowerRechargeable Battery and 12V DC PowerPowerRechargeable BatterySensor TechnologyElectro Chemical Fuel Cell
Weight350g Including Attached PrinterDimension (LxWxH)205mm*75mm*30mmDimension (LxWxH)201mm x 57mm x 64mmDimension (LxWxH)125mm x 62mm x 18mmSampling MethodDeep Lung Exhalation Method
Battery7.4V Li-ion 2500 mah Li-ion Rechargeable batteryBattery backup time25 hoursWeight183gWeight93gSampling Error DetectionAlarm on Wrong Sampling
Battery backup time25 hoursCharging Time4 hoursBattery backup time25 hoursBattery Backup time25 hoursSampling ModesBoth Active and Passive
Charging Time4 hoursWarm-up Time8 secondsCharging Time4 hoursCharging TimehourAccuracy+/-3%