Year Of Partnership

License Free Radios, including the G3U, G5U, and G6U models ensure seamless and clear communication between team members, enhancing efficiency and productivity in the area. 

DRR Solutions featuring the G5Ui and G10Ui models create a long-range wireless network for enhanced communication range without the use of expensive infrastructure or multiple frequencies.

Embracing the power of modern technology, POC radios, such as the STC-702S, STC-707S, STC-712S, SCM-760S, PAC System, and PDC System, offer nationwide coverage and instant voice communication, making coordination across multiple locations effortless.

Body Worn Cameras, SBWC-01/02/03/04/05 guarantee transparency and accountability by capturing critical moments in high-definition video and audio.

Breath Alcohol Analyzers SBAA-01 and SBAA-03, provide accurate and rapid alcohol level detection, ensuring a sober workforce.


 4G Intercom including WIFI, GPS, and Bluetooth. Android-powered, Group and Single call functions, Radio Kill capability, and Dual SIM single standby feature, 5200mAh battery capacity, standby time of 120 hours, offers Low Power Alert, Multi-group Monitoring, and Group Auto Update.


Storage up to 256GB, IP-65, one-click photo, LCD color display, one-click recording, password protection, super strong infrared, 3500 mAh Li-ion Battery, flash enabled on single click, dual microphone noise reduction, and simultaneous video and audio recording.


Fuel Cell Sensor, supporting both Active and Passive modes, 2.8-inch color touch screen, Stylus operation, and pre-calibrated sensor module, Optional Portable Printer, USB, and Bluetooth, anti-backflow mouthpiece.