Dash camera is a small recording devices placed on the dashboard of a vehicle. Car dash camera helps capture evidence accurately for insurance claims and legal proceedings in case of accidents. They also make it very easy to share footage with the parties involved and with law enforcement, which can simplify things.

Car dashboard camera with GPS have the great benefit of being able to monitor driver behavior for safety and training purposes. Consequently, this helps to ensure safer roads for all and prevents accidents.

Car dash cam can record activities around a parked car for security purposes and acts of vandalism. It also records inside a vehicle for ride-sharing services creating a comfortable and safe environment.

Sanchar offers a range of models to meet diverse application scenarios: SDC-01, SDC-02 and SDC-03.

Dash Camera

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Comparison Table
General SpecificationSDC-01SDC-02SDC-03
Display Screen3.0 inchNA10.26 Inch Colour Touch Display
Camera Support234
Camera Resolution1OBOP (Front) / 720P (Back)1OBOP (Front) I 720P (Cabin)! 720P (Back)1080P (Front) / 720P (Cabin)/ 720P (Back)
Micro PhoneBuilt inBuilt inBuilt in
OMS Functions SupportNAYesYes
ADAS Functions SupportNANAYes