Stunning Features

4G Live Stream

SDC-02 offers 4G live streaming for real-time monitoring. Simultaneous video and audio recording provide comprehensive documentation. This ensures immediate access to live feeds, facilitating timely responses, while recorded footage serves as valuable evidence, enhancing security and accountability.

360 View

Compact Efficiency

Equipped with a mini DVR design, dual camera resolution, and a built-in microphone, SDC-02 ensures discreet and efficient operation. Features like G-Sensor, DMS functions, 2G, 3G, LTE/4G connectivity, live streaming, GPS support, external SD card storage up to 256GB, SOS support, parking monitor, and loop recording enhance its functionality, providing a comprehensive and user-friendly dash camera experience.

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App Monitor : Car Assist / CMSV6 Platform
IR Night Vision Camera
GPS Positioning
Video and Audio Simultaneous Recording
2G, 3G, LTE/4G Connectivity
Live Streaming over 4G
Up to 256GB SD card Supported
Support DMS Function
SOS Supports
Live GPS Location & Playback through Dispatcher
Dispatcher accounts for management
Device kill & unkill through Dispatcher
Low Latency
100% Deployable on Client Server


SDC-02Basic Hardware Parameters
OS Android 8.1
GPS GPS Band;With External GPS Antenna
Temperature Usage -20~+70°C; Storage: -30~+80°C
External PowerIt is Hardwired to the Vehicle's Fuse Panel; Power Supply Voltage 9V-16V.
G-Sensor 6-Axis G-Sensor