Indian Railways is the largest organization in the country with mostly open, easily accessible and unguarded assets. Today, Indian Railways track maintenance staff and other persons working on the track 24×7, experience a major problems as there is not any automatic communication system that can alarm the working staff well in advance for any approaching train to the place they are working which generally leads to accidents.

Track worker’s safety is a vital aspect when planning works at sites. Sanchar has set itself the task of making the work of the staff safer, who spend time in the dangerous zones of the track for installation and maintenance. We have developed safety equipment named ATWS (Automatic Train Warning System-RAKSHAK) product line which safely and reliably warns workers of approaching trains and widely excludes human-operated failure. It is like an advanced digital phone-like receiver device that gives an alert sound/LED light/vibration by transmitting the warning alert when it detects the train movement from the station.

Designed by the industry-leading Sanchar R&D department in compliance with RDSO specifications (RDSO/SPN/TC/105/-2015 Rev-0.0 & 1.0), this VHF-based approaching train warning system safeguards against track maintainers’ failure to spot a train approaching in their section while work is in progress. The radio equipment mainly consists of the stationary transmitter which will be installed in the station premises and the receiver units will be held by workers at the track. This system replaces the cable work between the treadles and the control unit and has the effect of reducing installation time. This radio-based technology is an easy and uncomplicated system