Indian Railways, with unwavering dedication to the nation, faces a critical challenge in ensuring the safety of human lives during essential Railway Track Repair and maintenance operations. Often, workers must be physically present on the tracks while trains continue to operate. This poses a significant safety concern, especially when the working area is far from any nearby signal post. Unfortunately, the absence of any warning about an approaching train has resulted in the tragic loss of hundreds of lives.

We have created the ATWS (Automatic Train Warning System-RAKSHAK) product line to address this issue. This safety equipment is designed to warn workers about approaching trains, reducing the risk of human error. The system looks like an advanced digital phone receiver producing alert sounds, LED lights, or vibrations when it detects train movement from the station.

Designed meticulously by Sanchar’s industry-leading R&D department, this VHF-based approaching train warning system adheres to RDSO specifications (RDSO/SPN/TC/105/-2015 Rev-2.0 & 2.1). It serves as a crucial safeguard, preventing track maintainers from failing to notice an approaching train while they are at work. The system consists of a stationary transmitter installed in the station premises and receiver units carried by workers on the track. By replacing the cable connections between the treadles and the control unit, this system enhances safety and reduces installation time.