Day by day our town's civilization getting complicated, due to different social nuisances and malpractices, so at every place, where social importance is there, a good surveillance system is becoming highly essential. Close Circuit Television, i.e. CCTV is the most popular and common means of such surveillance system. But CCTV is a Static Surveillances arrangement applicable for Railway Station, Bus terminus, Offices, Gold and Jewelry Shops, Market Places, etc. For dynamic surveillance system, Sanchar Communication System has launched various effective products of dynamic surveillance system. Those are, 1. Body Worn Camera; 2. Dash Camera; 3. Head Camera – SANCHAR HEADLIGHT RECORDER (SHR) Due to surveillance being observed in dynamic conditions, Sanchar has arranged a very beautiful and effective "ONLINE WIRELESS VIDEO /AUDIO STREAMING SYSTEM" with all their dynamic surveillance products.

Body Worn Camera

A body-worn camera is a compact and portable camera that can be attached to a person's clothing... Read More

Dash Camera

A dashboard camera, or dashcam, is a small camera that is mounted on the dashboard or... Read More

Head Camera

A helmet-mounted camera is a small camera that is mounted on a helmet, allowing you to capture... Read More