Year Of Partnership

STC-700 and STC-904D VHF Handheld Transceivers are designed for smooth communication between Guard and Train Drivers, providing reliable voice communication as per RDSO specifications.

License-Free  Radio Sanchar Models G5U and G6U cater to short-range wireless communication needs.

Automatic Train Warning System- A life-saving project aimed at enhancing railway worker safety by generating continuous alarms and transmitting them to workers on the rail track when trains approach.

VARDHAK, a Signal Boosting System ensures uninterrupted and clear communication between Train Drivers and Guards, particularly in large junctions or terminal stations.

Body Worn Cameras SBWC-01/02/03/04/05 offer CCTV-like surveillance on the move, ensuring enhanced security for Railway Protection Forces, Ticket Checking and Booking systems, Catering Department, and during Accident Relief Operations and disaster management.

Breath Alcohol Analysers SBAA-01 and SBAA-03 help prevent risks associated with alcohol consumption by loco drivers by conducting mandatory alcohol tests before and after duty.


Fuel Cell Sensor featuring Active and Passive modes, 2.4-inch color touch screen, alphanumeric keypad, and optional portable printer, wrist strap for easy handling, pre-calibrated sensor module, anti-backflow mouthpiece, USB and Bluetooth support, built-in printer.


The VHF-based approaching train warning system, compliant with RDSO specifications, replaces cable work, ensuring safety for track maintainers. It features easy installation, bi-directional radio tech, and robust design for efficient, flexible, and eco-friendly operation.


Individual network with forward control signals, expendable radio interface, high/low power switch, speech coding, and radio link protocols. Spot beam paging improves group message coverage. Terminal adaptor for robust use. Supports dual voice calls, computer-controlled..