This is a unique tool to control and maintain law and order situations by a public safety department and local government. However, it has several applications in our social life also. If in case of any significant incident occurs in an open area and beyond the range of CCTV, and if those are required to be monitored or recorded, then the application of Sanchar's Body Worn Camera is an ideal Solution. In addition to these, against public agitation at Railway Track, Dispute arises out of public dealing activities of govt. department, to fight and handle public grievances from the medical & hospitality industries, a dispute arises out of traffic rule violation, for such cases, the application of Sanchar Body Worn Camera, may be useful.

Depending upon the requirements and applications, Sanchar is producing the following model to suit the different application scenarios:

1. SBWC-01

2. SBWC-02

3. SBWC-03

4. SBWC-04

5. SBWC-05

Body-Worn Camera

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