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Topology of CMSV Software

The body-worn camera captures video, transmitting data via 4G or Wi-Fi from a static IP embedded in the device. This IP pings the CMSV server, facilitating a connection to the user's system. The server efficiently displays the transmitted data, ensuring seamless integration and retrieval of video content for effective monitoring and management of recorded footage.

360 View

Works as a Dispatcher & Control Panel

Remotely manage devices such as add, delete or edit users. Monitor all devices concurrently. View live video feeds from connected devices. Record and store collected data to storage devices, the cloud, or PCs. Send messages to all connected devices. Receive notifications for SOS alerts. Establish two-way communication between dispatcher and devices. Activate audio and video remotely to monitor situations effectively.

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View live video feeds from connected devices.
Real-time & Historical Insights helping in identify issues, errors, and risks promptly.
Guided Troubleshooting: Offers systematic issue resolution process.
Streamlined Security Patrol: Digitalized e-patrol and route checks.
Enhanced Alarm Response: Instant auto response and audio and video notifications.
Thorough Alarm Logs: Full-cycle traceability and easy evidence collection.
Seamless Integration: Compatible with other IP products on the same platform.
Enable precise real-time GPS tracking with dynamic coordinates and intuitive map tracing.