Stunning Features

As Per MHA Specifications

The SBWC-01 adheres strictly to the specifications outlined by the Ministry of Home Affairs, ensuring a 100% compliance rate. This commitment reflects its reliability and adherence to regulatory standards, making it a trustworthy and compliant solution for various applications, meeting the stringent criteria set forth by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

360 View

Cutting- Edge Surveillance

This device excels with Live Streaming over 4G/Wi-Fi, ensuring real-time monitoring and playback. AES encryption enhances data security, safeguarding sensitive information. Live GPS location and playback features through the dispatcher further elevate its functionality, offering a robust and advanced surveillance system for diverse applications with unparalleled security and control.

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Standard Ip 66 – Optional IP 68
Linux OS
Colour LCD Screen
AES Encryption Available
Supports 4G/ Wi-Fi/ USB/GPS
Support H.265 Comparation
Device Password Protected
Camera Upto 40 MP
SOS Notification on dispatcher
Live Streaming (Over 4G/Wi-Fi) & Playback
Live GPS Location & Playback through Dispatcher
Dispatcher accounts for management
Device kill & unkill through Dispatcher
Low Latency
100% Deployable on Client Server


Model. NoBasic Hardware Parameters
Battery typeBuilt-in 3500mAH lithium battery
IR Night visionupto 15 meter
4G live streamingSupport