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10-Port Docking

SDMS-01 offers auto fast charging for 10 police body cameras simultaneously, ensuring a swift and streamlined process. It automatically downloads audios, videos, and logs from the body cameras, optimizing data management. With an all-metal housing for durability and compatibility with Windows 7, 8, and 10 (32/64 bits), it is tailored for the rigorous demands of special-purpose operations.

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Data Evidence Management System

DEMS ensures efficient handling of data from body cameras. It automates time correction, uploads index files to the database, and clears camera memory after updates. The administrator controls department, police, and device information. The system logs all operations, allows data export with the correct password, and offers features like annotation, locking, and intelligent disk search. It supports large file transfer, real-time space monitoring, and ensures data integrity with breakpoint resume upload functionality.

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Housing : Black portable, with anti-static surface. Integrated independent-use design
Inbuild DEMS Software License
Support Automatically download data from device; simultaneously charge the device
Users & Groups Authentication
Visual Download Status
Camera Data Purge
Resume Download
Case Information
Video Tagging
Important data can be annotated for easy query and locked to avoid accidental deletion
Advanced Search
Statistical Reports
Complete Audit Trail
Real-Time System Monitoring
Time Synchronization


Model. NoBasic Hardware Parameters
Number of Connections10 Pcs Body Camera Simultaneous connection
ConnectorUSB Charging Type
Platform SystemWIN7,8,10 & 11 32/64 bit System
Power Supply ModeAutomatic Bivolt 220V AC
Fuse 220V 10A Fuse