Year Of Partnership

We provide police two-way radios to bridge the gap between officers with different technologies such as-

  • Analogue VHF Handheld like STC-700, STC-804
  • Digital VHF Handheld like STC-904D
  • Analogue VHF Base/Mobile like SCM- 910LV/HV
  • Digital VHF/UHF Base/Mobile like SCM-920D
  • Analogue VHF Repeater like SCR- 910LV/H
  • Digital VHF/UHF Repeater like SCR-910D

Breath Alcohol Analyzers such as SBAA -01 & SBAA-02 enable proactive prevention of alcohol-related incidents

POC Radios such as STC-720S & SCM-760S guarantee uninterrupted communication even in challenging terrains.

Body worn camera SBWC-01 , SBWC-04 and Dash Cameras SDC-01 redefine incident documentation, fostering trust between the police and the public.



4G live stream, GPS, WiFi, LCD color display, 3500mAh battery, laser pointer, night vision, up to 256GB storage, up to IP67.


Accurate & reliable fuel cell sensor with active/passive modes, 3.2-inch color touch screen, inbuilt thermal printer, wrist strap.


Superior audio, broad coverage with no range limitations, long battery life. Efficient workforce connection, IP65, Android, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth.