Digital Relay Radio is a very much new technology and young concept, ever introduced only by Sanchar Communication Systems, in India. The Product is unique in nature, because it relays the radio signal continuously, whichever intelligence or radio signals are being received by the device, at that very point in time. This concept is very much new in this era, so it may take time to grasp the concept. Rather, to understand easily, we can describe each radio as an SFR (Single Frequency Repeater).

Due to the special capability of relaying the incoming signal by each radio, it may form a mesh type or chain type network, which will convey the radio signal to a very far distance, simultaneously, without keeping any shadow zone, which is still, a silent drawback of a conventional VHF/UHF radio network. This system also has some extra advantages in fringe areas, like hilly terrain, and dense jungles. We can also describe this DRR system, as the future technology of wireless communication, because it will remove all the long pending issues of insertion of noise factor in common wireless communication, as well as the difficulties of propagation of radio waves within closed areas and underground tunnels. By supplying and manufacturing only two types of models of DRR, Sanchar Communication Systems are fully capable of providing the latest solution in the critical situation of wireless communication. These are as follows:

1) G5Ui-V – 5watt VHF Digital Relay Handheld Subscriber Unit.
2) G10Ui-V – 10watt VHF Digital Relay Tower Mount Extender Unit

Digital Relay Radio

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Comparison Table
General SpecificationG5Ui-DRRG10Ui
Frequency Range of TransceiverLicense Free 446 - 446.2 MHzLicense Free 446 - 446.2 MHz
Operating Temperature-10~ +55ºC-10~ +55ºC
Operating VoltageDC 12VDC 12-15V
Modulation limit<- 5kHz<- 5kHz
Residual FM-45 dB-45 dB