Digital Relay Radio (DRR) is a new, cutting-edge technology introduced exclusively by Sanchar Communication Systems in India. It uniquely relays radio signals continuously using only a single frequency.

The DRR system forms a mesh or chain-type network that efficiently transmits radio signals over vast distances eliminating shadow zones, a challenge commonly associated with conventional VHF/UHF radio networks. Its self-healing nature ensures that if one node experiences an issue or interference, the system automatically reroutes data through a more optimal path.

DRR Radio can be regarded as the future of wireless communication technology, as it addresses longstanding issues related to noise interference in traditional wireless communication and the difficulties of propagating radio waves in enclosed spaces and underground tunnels. This system also offers distinct advantages in challenging terrains like hilly areas and dense jungles.

Sanchar Communication Systems specializes in providing DRR solutions

1) G5Ui – 5-watt VHF Digital Relay Handheld Subscriber Unit, for portable communication.
2) G10Ui– 10-watt VHF Digital Relay Tower Mount Extender Unit, serving as a signal extender.

Digital Relay Radio

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Comparison Table
General SpecificationG5Ui-DRRG10Ui
Frequency Range of TransceiverLicense Free 446 - 446.2 MHzLicense Free 446 - 446.2 MHz
Operating Temperature-10~ +55ºC-10~ +55ºC
Operating VoltageDC 12VDC 12-15V
Modulation limit<- 5kHz<- 5kHz
Residual FM-45 dB-45 dB