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Self healing technology based on mesh

The G5Ui employs self-healing technology through mesh networking. This means that in a group of G5Ui devices, each unit acts as a node that can relay signals to others, creating a self-organizing network. If a device loses connection with one node, it can reroute signals through other connected devices, ensuring uninterrupted communication even in challenging environments with obstacles or distance limitations.

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Licence Free Portable Handheld

The G5Ui operates on license-free frequencies, eliminating the need for complex licensing procedures. Its portable handheld design ensures easy mobility and usability. This makes it an ideal communication solution for a wide range of applications such as events, hospitality, and small businesses, providing reliable, cost-effective, and flexible communication. Its license-free operation provides a cost-effective and accessible way to stay connected in various situations, making it an excellent choice for small businesses, event organizers, and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

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5Unique, light, Attractive design, Easy to operate
Low Battery Alert / VOX for hand free operation
5PC Programmable