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Multiple Path Validation

In a group of G5Ui-DRR devices, each one serves as a node, capable of rerouting signals to maintain seamless communication in challenging conditions. This intelligent system optimizes data pathways, resulting in quicker access and more efficient spectrum utilization, significantly improving the user experience. The G5Ui-DRR is India's unique radio with LoRa technology for advanced walkie-talkie communication, offering a reliable wireless solution.

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In-Built Rechargeable Battery

The G5Ui-DRR comes with a built-in rechargeable battery, ensuring uninterrupted use during power interruptions. This dependable backup offers an extra 8 hours of communication, enhancing its value during critical situations. It's also cost-effective by eliminating the need for external power backups, reducing operational expenses and the frequency of battery replacements. This extends the radio's lifespan and economic efficiency.

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No Extensive Wiring.
PC and Field Programmable.
Compatible with solar system for self sustained operation.
Easy “Add-On” to Existing Radio Systems to increase coverage.
Can be configured for Multiple Zones for different announcements.
Industrial grade receiver, lightweight, rugged, sealed weather-resistant housing.
Rechargeable backup battery automatically provides power to the receiver in case of power
failure. Enables an additional 8 hours of communication.


Frequency Range446-446.2 MHz
Battery capacity 10 Ah
RF Power0.5 Watt (ERP)
(With Antenna & Battery) <2kg
Antenna Impedance 50 Ω