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Low reliance on public infrastructure

The G10Ui reduces reliance on costly public infrastructure by allowing easy relocation to adapt to evolving network needs. It eliminates the need for expensive copper or fibre optic cables, saving on installation expenses. It's highly flexible, enabling network expansion and the addition of new nodes to existing infrastructure, making it a versatile communication solution.

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Easy installation

G10Ui offers cost-effective communication solutions by avoiding the expensive installation and maintenance associated with copper and fiber optic cables. Unlike cables, where the entire path is vulnerable to damage, radios require limited maintenance at radio stations. Additionally, their low power usage minimizes carbon emissions, reducing operational costs and environmental impact.

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No Extensive Wiring.
PC and Field Programmable.
Improves Communication, Safety/Security and Productivity.
Industrial grade receiver, lightweight, rugged, sealed weather-resistant housing.
Rechargeable back-up battery automatically provides power to the receiver in case of power


Frequency Range446-446.2 MHz
Weight<2kg (with battery)
Battery Capacity8.7 Ah, 14.8V
Range of Working Temp20ºC ~ +55ºC
Output Power-10ºC ~ +55ºC