Sanchar has made a creative answer to overcome communication difficulties over long distances and to deal with the limited coverage of two-way radios. Their distinctive box design supports RF Two-Way Radios, Base Stations, and POC Radios (VOIP), which utilize existing 4G networks to improve communication capabilities. This innovative solution ensures nationwide coverage.

This solution has two components. Firstly, a two-way radio repeater enhances local coverage by amplifying weak signals, providing clear communication, and effectively removing noise across diverse terrains and extended distances. Secondly, the system enables effortless long-distance communication through a PoC Interface, which connects various RF networks to allow real-time, multi-city connectivity without requiring additional infrastructure.

The 4G (POC) to Analog Converter (PACS) seamlessly interconnects existing analog handheld infrastructure, promoting cohesive communication across various locations.