Stunning Features

Effortless Data Management

Sanchar DEMS facilitates seamless operations with automatic data extraction, ensuring swift transfer from the device to PC. Clearing data storage after extraction prepares the device for subsequent use. Simultaneous charging during data transfer enhances efficiency, offering a streamlined solution for effective electronic evidence management.

360 View

Enhanced Data Review and Search Capabilities

Sanchar DEMS not only facilitates data extraction but also offers robust features for review. Users can efficiently search across multiple fields such as device ID, date, and time, ensuring a comprehensive and user-friendly experience in managing electronic evidence.

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Ensures meticulous data control
Automatically corrects time, uploads index files to the server
Clears camera memory after updates
Supports large file transfer, it reads vital information from body cameras
Admin powers include modifying department, police, and device data, data export, and deletion authority
The system logs operations, enables annotation, locking, and intelligent disk search.
Automatic disk switching
Real-time space monitoring
Breakpoint resume upload functionality