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Stunning Features

Enhanced Safety With Dynamic Lighting

SBWC-04 incorporates blue and red flashing lights, resembling a police siren, strategically designed to signal a person to stop. This feature enhances visibility and safety during critical law enforcement situations. The dynamic lighting not only alerts individuals to cease movement but also ensures a clear visual cue, contributing to effective communication and heightened situational awareness for law enforcement professionals in diverse scenarios.

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Flexible Storage

With a removable storage option and support for external SD cards up to 256GB, users can tailor storage capacity to their needs, from 32GB to 256GB. This ensures extended recording times, abundant space for high-resolution footage, and seamless data transfer. The versatility of removable storage enhances user convenience, ensuring uninterrupted, comprehensive documentation across diverse professional scenarios.

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Standard Ip 66 – Optional IP 67
LDC touch screen
Support USB 2.0
Camera Upto 48 MP
Storage Upto 128 GB
Device Password Protected
IR Night Vision
Upto 13 Hours Continuous Recording


Model NoBasic Hardware Parameters
Video ResolutionMultiple Recording Resolution 1920X1080 (customizable as per customer requirement)
Storage CapacityExternal SD Card max 256GB
Battery TypeBuilt-in 3500 mAH Lithium