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Stunning Features

Seamless P2P Live Streaming

By eliminating intermediaries, this feature ensures instant sharing, optimizing communication in diverse professional applications. Notably, P2P eliminates the need for costly cloud servers, a significant cost-saving advantage for extensive IoT networks with numerous devices. Experience efficient, reliable live video access without the expense, making SBWC-02 a smart choice.

360 View

Enhanced Operational Insight

The top-mounted LED screen on SBWC-02 grants instant access to critical device data, including recording status and battery life. This feature enables users to maintain situational awareness and operational efficiency without disrupting their field of view, offering a valuable tool for real-time insights in various scenarios.

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Standard Ip 66 – Optional IP 67
Linux OS
Colour LCD screen
Supports Wi-Fi/ USB/GPS
Device Password Protected
IR Night Vision
SOS Notification on dispatcher
Live Streaming (P2P/Over Wi-Fi) & Playback
Live GPS Location & Playback through Dispatcher
Dispatcher accounts for management
Device kill & unkill through Dispatcher
Low Latency
100% Deployable on Client Server


Model. NoBasic Hardware Parameters
Battery TypeBuilt-in 3500 mAh Lithium Battery
IR Night Vision Upto 15 Meter
Mega Pixel Upto 36