Stunning Features

Enhanced Safety through ADAS and DMS Functions

SDC-03 prioritizes safety with Driver Monitoring System (DMS) capabilities, detecting actions like smoking, eye closure, yawning, phone use, and more. Its Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) includes features such as lane departure warning, forward vehicle moving warning, and forward vehicle collision warning. With default trigger speeds set at 30KM/H for DMS and 40KM/H for ADAS, SDC-03 ensures proactive safety alerts for a secure driving experience.

360 View

Dynamic Live Streaming Experience

SDC-03 redefines live streaming with its impressive 10.26-inch color touch display. This innovative dash camera ensures a captivating experience, allowing users to view live streams effortlessly. With versatile connectivity options including 2G, 3G, LTE/4G, and Wi-Fi, SDC-04 seamlessly combines advanced technology and user-friendly features for an unparalleled streaming experience.

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Android 8.1
App Monitor : Car Assist / CMSV6 Platform
IR Night Vision Camera
GPS Positioning
Video and Audio Simultaneous Recording
2G, 3G, LTE/4G & Wi-Fi Connectivity
Live Streaming over 4G & Wi-Fi
Up to 256GB SD card Supported
Supports DMS & ADAS Function
G-Sensor 3-axis support
SOS Supports
Live GPS Location & Playback through Dispatcher
Dispatcher accounts for management
Device kill & unkill through Dispatcher
Low Latency
100% Deployable on Client Server


SDC-03Basic Hardware Parameters
Operation SystemAndroid 8.1 With RAM2G+ROM32G
Display Resolution 1600*600P
MAX SD Card512G With Class 10
4 Cams Record Supports and View Angle is 140 Degree in 4 Cams
GPS Position External GPS Antenna