Year Of Partnership

 Extensive range of two-way radios-

  • Analogue VHF handheld like STC-700
  • Analogue Versatile dual-band handheld STC-804
  • Digital VHF handheld like STC-804D. 
  • Analogue VHF Repeater like SCR- 910LV/HV

License-Free Radios like G5U & G6U, for efficient and secure short-range communication.

POC Radios with handheld models such as STC-702S, STC-707S, STC-710S, STC-712S & STC-715S and the base model SCM-760S guarantee uninterrupted communication even in challenging terrains. 

Experience seamless communication integration with our PACS and PDCS, enabling easy PoC to Analogue and Digital UHF/VHF conversion, optimizing existing communication systems.

Body Worn Cameras SBWC-01/02/03/04/05 and Dash Cameras SDC-01/02/03 ensure comprehensive video documentation and deliver reliable footage for security and operational analysis.

Breath Alcohol Analyser SBAA-01 & SBAA-03, essential for mandatory alcohol tests to safeguard military personnel.

Sanchar Runway Lighting System, a wireless solution, ideal for AIR FORCE, provides emergency runway lighting for aircraft landing in darkness ensuring safety and functionality in critical situations, particularly where regular runways are unavailable. 


DMR compliant handheld radio, dual mode (analog+digital), 1.77″ color screen, 4000 channels, GPS, AES encryption, optional Bluetooth.


WPC-approved 16-channel radio with a unique and attractive design. Easy operation, VOX for hands-free use, low battery alert, VSWR protection, and CTCSS/DCS functionality.


DMR two-slot capability, operating in Analog or Digital Mode, private Call, group Call, All Call, Password Protection, 1.77” TFT Screen, In-built GPS, AES256 Encryption.