Digital radio, also known as digital audio broadcasting (DAB), is a modern radio broadcasting technology that delivers superior sound quality, enhanced features, and increased station options compared to traditional analog radio. It utilizes digital signals to transmit audio, resulting in clear reception and improved resistance to interference. Digital radio offers a wider range of stations, including niche genres and specialized content, expanding the choices for listeners. It also provides additional features like text information, song titles, artist details, and program guides on compatible receivers. With its superior audio quality and advanced features, digital radio offers an immersive and diverse listening experience for enthusiasts around the world.


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General SpecificationSCM-920DSCR-910DSTC-903DSTC-904D
TX Frequency Range136-174MHz / 400-512MHz (split Band)UHF1: 400-470 MHz;136-174 / 400-480 MHz136-174 / 400-480 MHz
Channel Spacing25 Khz (max.)6.25KHz / 12.5KHz / 25KHzWide Band 25KHz, Narrow band 12.5 KHzWide Band 25KHz, Narrow band 12.5 KHz
Power Supply13.2 V DC 10% (11.7 ~ 14.8V)NANANA
Grounding MethodNegative GroundNANANA
WeightApprox. 1.8 KgNA270gm (Including Battery & Antenna)282gm (Including Battery & Antenna)