Stunning Features

Robust Design

G5U boasts a robust design that not only has an attractive appearance but also ensures exceptional durability.. This rugged design means it can handle rough situations without getting damaged. It's great for places where things can be tough on equipment. Plus, it's designed to last a long time. So, you get a strong and reliable communication tool.

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Emergency SOS Siren

G5U is equipped with an emergency siren feature, ensuring rapid assistance. When you press the emergency button, the radio sends an alert to another unit, signalling the need for urgent help. This swift and reliable communication tool enhances safety and is crucial for immediate response in critical situations.

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Unique, light, Attractive design, Easy to operate
CTCSS / DCS function, Protection on against VSWR
Low Battery Alert / VOX for hand free operation
Channel Annunciation, Squelch Off
Emergency alarm


Frequency Range446 - 446.2 MHz
No. of Channel16 Channels
Capacity Battery Life2600 mAh Li-Ion (Standard)
Operating TemperatureFrom -0ºC to +55ºC
Weight 235gm (Including Battery & Antenna)