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IP67 waterproof

The SCM920D walkie-talkie is built to handle the harshest conditions with its impressive IP67 waterproof rating. This rugged communication device is designed to thrive in wet and challenging environments, making it the perfect choice for industries like construction, marine operations, and outdoor adventures. With its IP67 certification, the SCM920D can withstand immersion in water up to a meter deep for 30 minutes, as well as resist dust and debris. Whether you're in a rain-soaked construction site or braving the elements in the great outdoors, this walkie-talkie ensures uninterrupted communication.

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AES encryption

The SCM920D walkie-talkie takes communication security to the next level with AES encryption. Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is a highly secure encryption protocol trusted by governments, military, and organizations worldwide to safeguard sensitive information. With AES encryption on the SCM920D, your communications are protected from unauthorized interception and eavesdropping. Rest easy knowing that your critical communications are shielded by the robust AES encryption of the SCM920D walkie-talkie.

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True DMR two slot
Private Call / Group Call / All Call
Password Protection
Operate in Analog or Digital Mode
1.77” TFT Screen


TX Frequency Range136-174MHz / 400-512MHz (split Band)
RX Frequency Range136-174MHz / 400-512MHz (split Band)
Channel Spacing25 Khz (max.)
Antenna Impedance50