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Two Slot DMR Communication

The SCM-920D features advanced two-slot DMR communication technology, significantly improving its communication capabilities. With two-slot DMR, this radio can simultaneously accommodate two independent conversations or data transmissions within a single 12.5 kHz channel, effectively doubling communication capacity. This feature optimizes spectrum usage, making it a cost-effective solution, ideal for industries and organizations with high communication demands. DMR ensures crystal-clear audio quality and reliable data transmission, enhancing the radio's performance in various settings. Additionally, the SCM-20D takes advantage of DMR's versatile features, offering group calls, individual calls, text messaging, and data applications, making it an adaptable and efficient communication tool for professional applications.

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Optional GPS/ AES Encryption

The SCM-920D radio is equipped with optional GPS and AES encryption features, providing enhanced functionality and security. The optional GPS feature enables precise location tracking, ideal for applications such as emergency response and logistics. AES encryption ensures confidential and secure communication, protecting sensitive information from unauthorized access. With a remarkable 10k Talk Groups and 150k digital contacts, the SCM-920D supports extensive and diverse communication needs. It seamlessly auto-senses analog or digital receptions, adapting to various communication modes, and boasts a generous 4,000-channel capacity, allowing users to manage a multitude of channels for versatile communication in professional settings.

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1.77’’ Color TFT Screen
10K Talk Groups with 150K digital contacts
Auto Senses Analog or Digital Receptions
4000 channels, CTCSS/CDCSS function
Dual-Mode (Analog+Digital), Emergency Alarm,
Stun Kill & Revive, Reverse, Roaming Function, Selective call


TX Frequency Range136-174MHz / 400-512MHz (split Band)
RX Frequency Range136-174MHZ/ 400-512MHZ (split Band)
Channel Spacing25 KHZ (max.)
Power Supply 13.2 V DC 10% (11.7 ~ 14.8V)
Grounding Method Negative Ground
WeightApprox. 1.8 Kg