Stunning Features

Colour Display

The STC-720S stands out with its LCD display, ensuring user-friendliness and ease of operation. The screen not only enhances visibility but also provides an intuitive interface for effortless navigation. With clear visuals and simple controls, users can operate the device with ease, making it an ideal choice for seamless communication in various professional settings.

360 View

Enhanced Typing Efficiency

Featuring dedicated shortcut keys and an integrated keyboard, this device ensures effortless menu navigation and typing convenience. The combination of user-friendly features enhances ease of use, allowing swift access to functions and streamlined communication. The thoughtful design caters to efficiency, making it an ideal choice for versatile professional use.

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Android Platform
1.44″ (Non Touch)
Supports 4G, WIFI, GPS, Bluetooth
Realtime communicate on Group/Private Channels
Live GPS Location Tracking & Playback through Dispatcher
Dispatch accounts for management
Device kill & unkill through Dispatcher
Call History on dispatcher
Low Latency
100% on Indian server
Lifetime subscription option also available


IPIP Standard IP 54 , Optional IP 67
Battery CapacityStandard 5000 mAh, Optional 7000 mAh
Standby Time120 hours
Working Temperature-10°C~+50°C
Sim SlotDual