Public Safety

Equipping police department with cutting-edge solutions for enhanced safety and security. Our range of Two-Way Radios, Breath Alcohol Analyzers, POC Radios, Dash Cameras and Body-Worn Cameras ensure seamless communication, reliable connectivity and transparent incident recording. Protecting officers and communities with our advanced technology… Read More


Elevate railway operations with our specialized solutions. Enhance safety and efficiency with Walkie-Talkies in VHF commercial band, facilitating seamless Driver to Guard communication for Passenger and Mail-Express trains. Our advanced cameras address public grievances and cash-related issues, ensuring a secure and smooth railway journey for all passengers…Read More


Optimizing fleet management with our extensive range of products. Ensuring continuous communication between transport vehicles across states with our products, enabling seamless coordination. Our advanced solutions, including Dash Cameras and GPS tracking, allowing real-time monitoring from a central location, enhancing efficiency and safety in operations… Read More


Enhance guest experiences, streamline operations, and bolster security with license-free radios in the hospitality industry, medical institutes, and private security sectors. Experience the freedom of clear, instant, and efficient communication, tailored to meet the unique needs of thriving establishments… Read More.


Streamlining manufacturing operations with our versatile communication solutions between different departments in dynamic conditions. From production to logistics, voice communication is essential, and our flexible models cater to varying range needs. Enhance efficiency and productivity across manufacturing unit today… Read More.


Enhancing military and para-military operations with top-tier technology. Our multiple range of Analog and Digital Radios, Breath Alcohol Analyzers, POC Radios, Dash Cameras, and Body-Worn Cameras deliver reliable communication, accurate BAC testing, and handle quick disaster management operations. Ideal for vast areas and long-distance communication, our solutions ensure safety and security in critical missions… Read More