Short Description

Stunning Features

As Per RDSO Specifications

Designed in adherence to RDSO specifications, SBAA-03 stands as a testament to quality and precision. This cutting-edge solution integrates advanced features, ensuring optimal performance and meeting the stringent requirements outlined by the Research Designs and Standards Organization. SBAA-03 is a reliable choice, aligned with the highest industry standards for excellence.

360 View

User-Friendly Design

BAA-03 is tailored with an easy, user-friendly design, featuring a physical alphanumeric keypad for intuitive input. The color touch screen ensures a seamless interface, accompanied by an external portable printer for on-the-spot documentation. Its wrist strap facilitates easy handling, while the sturdy carrying briefcase provides durability.

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Active and Passive mode
Colour touch screen
Records Memory 50000
As per RDSO Specification
Mouthpiece with anti- backflow design
Pre Calibrated for 1 year


Battery3.7V Li-ion 2200 mAh Li-ion Rechargeable Battery
Battery Backup Time25 Hours
PrinterPortable Printer Consisting of Inbuilt Rechargeable Battery, Paper and Charger
Portable Printer Consisting of Inbuilt Rechargeable Battery, Paper and ChargerUSB, Bluetooth
USB, Bluetooth50,000