Stunning Features

Robust Performance upto 50-Watt

The SCM 910 HV/LV demonstrates robust performance with a power output of up to 50 watts, making it a dependable communication tool for various applications. This high-wattage capacity ensures reliable signal transmission and reception over long distances, even in challenging environments. Whether you're operating in high VHF (136-174 MHz) or low VHF (66-88 MHz) frequencies, the SCM 910 HV/LV is designed to deliver consistent and efficient performance, making it suitable for diverse communication needs.

360 View

Military Grade Design

The SCM 910 HV/LV boasts a military-grade design that prioritizes durability and resilience. The LCD display offers clear visibility of vital information like channel settings and battery status, keeping you informed during critical operations. With a user-friendly microphone, quick access to essential functions becomes seamless, enabling effective communication without complex controls. Additional features include talk-around/reverse, an emergency alarm, a generous channel capacity of 100 channels, and a power-on self-test, ensuring comprehensive functionality in demanding scenarios.

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Power on Self-Test, 50 Watt Power (HV) & 45 Watt Power (LV)
250 Channels (HV) & 128 Channels (LV)
1750 Hz Burst Tone (HV), Channel Scan (HV)
Compander to Reduce Noise (HV)
Wired Clone, Priority Scan
Talk around/reverse, Emergency alarm (LV)


TX Frequency Range136-174 MHz / 66-88MHz
RX Frequency Range136-174 MHz / 66-88MHz
ModeF3E (FM)
Antenna Impedance50
Usable Temperature range-20° C ~ +60° C