5W Analog Handheld
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LCD Display

The LCD display provides clear visibility of important information, such as channel settings and battery status, ensuring you stay informed during critical operations.The convenient microphone allows for easy and quick access to essential functions, allowing you to communicate effectively without fumbling with complicated controls. Whether you choose the high-voltage (HV) or low-voltage (LV) model, both offer reliable and durable performance, perfect for demanding environments.

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Convenient Microphone

The SCM-910HV/LV walkie talkie models come equipped with a convenient microphone that enhances the user experience. This microphone is strategically designed for easy access and operation, allowing users to communicate effortlessly and efficiently. It's a valuable feature that simplifies communication, enhances productivity, and keeps you connected with your team or group, making the SCM-910HV/LV an excellent choice for various industries and activities.

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Power on Self-Test, 50 Watt Power, 250 Channels
1750 Hz Burst Tone
Compander to Reduce Noise, Priority Scan
Wired Clone, Copandor, Channel Scan


TX Frequency Range136-174 MHz / 66-88MHz
RX Frequency Range136-174 MHz / 66-88MHz
ModeF3E (FM)
Antenna Impedance50
Usable Temperature range-20° C ~ +60° C