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Whether you opt for the high-voltage (HV) or low-voltage (LV) model, both offer exceptional performance and reliability. They are ideal for industries such as construction, outdoor adventures, and event management, where reliable long-range communication is essential.

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The SCR-910HV/LV back-to-back repeater operates at a continuous 100% full-duty cycle, guaranteeing non-stop transmission and reception at maximum power. Its robust design withstands high-duty cycle demands, ensuring unwavering reliability. The repeater is easily installed, with versatile wall or rack-mounting options and sturdy handles for added convenience.

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CTCSS / DCS / DTMF, Wired Clone, Channel Scan
Memory / Cell / Priority Scan available
Compander to reduce noise


Frequency Range66~88, 136~174MHz
ModeF3E (FM)
Antenna Impedance50
Operating TemperatureFrom -10ºC to +55ºC
Power Supply13.8 V DC 15% (11.7 ~ 15.8V)