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Dual Frequency Band

The STC-804 Dual Band radio is a versatile communication device that operates in two frequency bands: VHF (136 MHz to 174 MHz) and UHF (400 MHz to 480 MHz). This dual-frequency capability provides users with a wide spectrum to choose from, ensuring reliable and efficient communication across various scenarios and settings. Whether it's for professional use or recreational activities, the STC 804 Dual Band radio offers the flexibility to connect and collaborate effectively in both VHF and UHF frequency ranges.

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Attractive Design

The STC-804 DUAL BAND walkie-talkie not only offers clear and efficient communication but also boasts an attractive design. Its user-friendly LCD display provides quick access to vital information like channel selection, battery status, and signal strength. The walkie-talkie is thoughtfully engineered for convenience, featuring a responsive keypad for effortless navigation of functions, volume adjustment, channel selection, and access to key features. It also supports hands-free operation with VOX, PTT ID Encode, Selective Call Decode, and DTMF encode/decode, making it an ideal choice for stylish and functional communication.

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Low Battery Alert, Battery Strength Bar
VOX for hands-free operation, PTT ID Encode
Selective Call Decode, DTMF encode or decode
Channel Scanning with call quieting facility
LCD Display, Squelch Tail Elimination


Frequency Range136-174MHz and 400-480 MHz
No. of Channel128 Channels
Capacity Battery Life2600 mAh
Operating Temperature From10°C to +55°C
Channel Spacing Wide Band25KHz, Narrow band 12.5 KHz