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LCD Display

The STC-804 DUAL BAND walkie-talkie is designed to provide you with clear and efficient communication, and it comes equipped with a user-friendly LCD display. This display offers you quick access to crucial information such as the selected channel, battery status, and signal strength. With the LCD display, you can easily monitor and adjust settings, ensuring that you stay connected in dynamic environments. Whether you're in the field, on a construction site, or coordinating an event

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The STC-804 DUAL BAND walkie-talkie is engineered for convenience and ease of use, featuring a responsive keypad. With this intuitive keypad, you can effortlessly navigate through various functions, adjust volume, select channels, and access important features. It allows for quick adjustments and precise control, ensuring you can adapt to changing situations swiftly. Stay connected and in command with the user-friendly keypad of the STC-804 DUAL BAND walkie-talkie.

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Low Battery Alert, Busy Channel Lockout
VOX for hands-free operation, PTT ID Encode
Selective Call Decode, DTMF encode or decode
Channel Scanning with call quieting facility
LCD Display, Battery Strength Bar


GeneralVHF UHF
Frequency Range136-174, 400-480 MHz
No. of Channel128 Channels
Channel SpacingWide Band 25KHz, Narrow band 12.5 KHz
Phase-locked Step5KHz
Operating Voltage7.4V DC