PoC Control Panel

Stunning Features

Management Hierarchy

In the POC control panel hierarchy, the OEM delegates control to resellers, who distribute services to customers. Customers, in turn, manage multiple users. This tiered structure ensures efficient distribution and administration of POC services.

360 View

Control Panel Features

Effortlessly manage POC devices through the Control Panel by adding, editing, or deleting devices within groups. Create or modify groups with ease. Monitor device online/offline statuses for real-time insights. The Control Panel also facilitates playback and download of voice recordings between groups, identified by device names.

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Device Management: Add, edit, or delete devices within groups.
Group Administration: Create new groups and edit or delete existing ones.
Online/Offline Status: Monitor real-time online/offline statuses of devices.
Voice Recording Playback: Play and download voice recordings between groups by device name.
Comprehensive Control: Enables seamless management and customization of PoC device hierarchy.
User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive design for easy navigation and efficient control.