Short Description

Stunning Features

Reliable Performance

The SCM-760S base radio guarantees reliable performance with its continuous 100% full-duty cycle, making it ideal for high-demand situations. Its robust design is built to withstand rigorous duty cycles, ensuring unwavering reliability in critical operations. Operating on a 12V DC power source, it combines durability and consistent performance, making it a dependable choice for professional communication needs.

360 View

Large LCD Display

The SCM-760S base radio excels in user-friendly design with its large LCD display, ensuring easy visibility and intuitive operation. The spacious screen enhances user experience, facilitating clear navigation and efficient operation. With a focus on ease of use, it provides a straightforward interface, making it an optimal choice for seamless communication in demanding professional environments.

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Android Platform
Supports 4G, WIFI, GPS, Bluetooth
Realtime communicate on Group/Private Channels
Live GPS Location Tracking & Playback through Dispatcher
Dispatch accounts for management
Device kill & unkill through Dispatcher
Call History on dispatcher
Low Latency
100% on Indian server
Lifetime subscription option also available


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