Stunning Features

Ultra-Thin Light Weight

With its small outline, light weight and with a huge leap forward in technology, it represents the next generation in repeaters. Offers the capability to accommodate more channels or user groups and operate across a longer range or wider area in a cost effective communications infrastructure for single-site/local area applications. Compatible with the DMR Tier II air interface operating in both digital conventional and FM analogue conventional modes.

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Flexible Networking

With the capability to carry both voice and data, SCR-920D gives you a powerful combination of flexibility, control and resiliency. The multiple scattered repeaters of different frequencies can be interconnected via IP to form a wireless communication network, allowing automatic roaming and voice & data transmissions for terminals within the network. Sanchar DMR products adhere to the DMR Association's open standards, ensuring interoperability with other compliant equipment.

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LCD Display and LED Indicators
Clear Voice Communication over a Wider Coverage
Increased Data Transmission Capacity
Total Reuse of Existing Infrastructure
Flexible Voice/Data Management in Digital Mode
Data Transmission Reliability
Audio Band Optimization


TX Frequency Range136-174MHz / 400-512MHz (split Band)
RX Frequency Range136-174MHZ/ 400-512MHZ (split Band)
Channel Spacing25 KHZ (max.)
Power Supply 13.2 V DC 10% (11.7 ~ 14.8V)
Grounding Method Negative Ground
WeightApprox. 1.8 Kg