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Stunning Features

Display for easy view

The STC904D walkie talkie model is designed with a display, which makes it easy to view incoming calls and messages. Its advanced features include a range of up to 10km, easy-to-use controls, and a durable design that can withstand tough environments.

360 View

Noise reduction technology

In addition to its display, the STC904D is equipped with advanced noise reduction technology, ensuring clear communication even in noisy environments. Its built-in flashlight and emergency alarm add an extra layer of safety and convenience, making it perfect for use in settings such as construction sites or outdoor adventures.

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Channel Annunciation, VOX, Emergeny Alarm, Power on Self-Test
Switchable Power(High/Low), Low Battery Alert, Long BatteryLife
Battery power Indicator, Reverse, Stun Kill&Revive, CTCSS/CDCSS
Time out timer, PC Programmable, Channel Group(Zone)
Squelch Tail Elimination, Channel Spacing,SEL CALL


Frequency Range136-174 / 400-480 MHz
No. of Channel4000 Channels
Channel SpacingWide Band 25KHz, Narrow band 12.5 KHz
Phase locked Step5KHz, 6.25KHz
Operating Voltage7.4V DC +20% (2600mAh)