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The SCR-910D is renowned for its lightweight and portable design, compact and ergonomic build, making it an ideal communication companion for professionals on the move. Its Dual-Mode functionality seamlessly blends analog and digital communication, ensuring compatibility with diverse systems. This versatility allows users to transition between communication modes effortlessly.

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Flexible Voice/Data Management

Flexible voice/data management in digital mode in the SCR-910D refers to its ability to efficiently handle multiple frequencies, enabling the creation of multiple frequency networks for both voice and data communication. This allows users to allocate and manage various frequencies for distinct purposes, optimizing network resources. SCR-910D ensures seamless coordination and adaptability, making it an ideal choice for industries and scenarios that demand versatile communication solutions.

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2-digit LED display
Lightweight & portable
Clearer voice communication over a wider coverage
Increased data transmission capacity
Total reuse of existing infrastructure
Flexible voice/data management in Digital mode
Data transmission reliability
Audio band optimization


FrequencyUHF1: 400-470 MHz; UHF2: 450-520 MHz; UHF3: 350-400 MHz; VHF: 136-174 MHz
Channel Spacing12.5kHz/25kHz
Channels32 Channels
Power Output45watt/ 10 Watt