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The SCR-910D walkie-talkie is a powerful communication tool that combines performance with exceptional portability. Its lightweight design is a standout feature, making it the ideal choice for professionals and adventurers on the move. Whether you're coordinating in a fast-paced work environment or exploring the great outdoors, the SCR-910D ensures that you can carry it comfortably without added bulk. Don't let heavy equipment slow you down; stay agile and connected with the SCR-910D walkie-talkie.

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Increased Data Transmission Capacity

The SCR-910D walkie-talkie is engineered to elevate your communication experience with its remarkable increase in data transmission capacity. With its enhanced technology, this device allows for faster and more efficient data transfer, enabling you to share vital information swiftly and seamlessly. Whether you're in logistics, event management, or public safety, the increased data transmission capacity of the SCR-910D ensures that you can transmit images, documents, and other critical data with minimal delay.

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2-digit LED display
Lightweight – portable
Clearer voice communication over a wider coverage. Increased data transmission capacity
Total reuse of existing infrastructure
Flexible voice/data management in digital mode


FrequencyUHF1: 400-470 MHz; UHF2: 450-520 MHz; UHF3: 350-400 MHz; VHF: 136-174 MHz
Zone32( maximum 32channels in one zone)
RF output Power5-50W